Skilled IT Professional Certificate

This internal company award certificate (ICAC) will be given to the eligible IT Intern by the employer, showing his recognition as The Skilled IT Professional in the company.


  • Work in one of our live client project given to you.
  • Work in day by day company tasks.
  • Work as per the task given to you.
  • Premium Internal company award certificate (ICAC) will be given to you for your precious hard-work.
  • Certificate record will be hosted at skilledprofessional.org , verified service , for public view for next employer.

Eligibility and requirements

  • Candidate should not be a part of our free internship program.
  • Minimum Internship duration of (120-200) hours required.
  • Cost to company (CTC) for monitoring services (MS) will be beard by the Intern that is, INR 67.50 per hour.
  • Zero CTC-MS charges for online assignment based Internship Program.
  • Internship under Skilled IT Professional certificate scheme’s cost may vary between INR 5679 to INR 15036.
  • The Cost of premium certificate and CTC-MS (if applicable), should be paid by the candidate upfront .
  • Candidate have to adhere applicable terms of service .
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